Why Bangkok?

You may be wondering why we have chosen to reopen in Bangkok, when we had the training centre on Samui before. Here are our reasons:


  • Bangkok is easier to get to than Samui. While the island is beautiful and an ideal destination, there is a substantial additional expense to get to the island rather than the capital when flying in from abroad.


  • After closing the Samui training centre during the pandemic, and then opening Bali - we had the 'island destination' covered for those who want the island experience and we have had many requests for a true ‘big Asian city’ experience (Think Bangkok, Singapore, KL, Tokyo), so a totally NEW training centre in Bangkok is set to open.


  • There is so much to see and do in Bangkok with a much easier transport system than on Samui so we are taking the students' needs into account.


  • Doing the course in Bangkok means it's much easier to interview for jobs as the majority of the jobs are either in the capital or within a 200km radius of Bangkok. When on Samui, graduates had to travel back to Bangkok for interviews.


  • Island life can get expensive, from getting to the island, to accommodation, to transport when on the island. We feel that the $300+ saved just on the connecting flight airfare from Bangkok to Samui can be better spent on weekend trips away, cultural experiences etc.


  • Bangkok may not have beaches, but Hua Hin is only 80km away with lovely beaches and easy access by public transport on the weekends during the course. Koh Chang is also easy to get to, so the capital offers the best of both city and beach life!