Virtual TEFL Course - April & May 2020 | Destination TEFL

Virtual TEFL / TESOL

We are setting up a VIRTUAL CLASSROOM with our team in Siem Reap. This means that from back home, you will follow the lesson LIVE and get to interact with each other, virtually and in real time. This is what many schools worldwide are doing.  You will do  THREE WEEKS of VIRTUAL TRAINING, Once all the travel bans have been lifted, fly over for your teacher pracs for 2 weeks.


Placement in Cambodia will  be deferred until after your teacher practicals pracs. In the meantime, you’ll be able to cover all the theory FACE-TO-FACE with your lovely trainer, Tina, yet from the safety of your home in self-isolation.  

***We must point out that this is vastly different from an online course, as it is in real time, live, face-to-face, well, device to device! (think of any Skype chat you’ve had with a friend or family member abroad’).


We will be using a platform called ZOOM which many schools are using. Rest assured that this is an excellent and tried and tested platform to use, and that it’s the only way we can run the course while practicing all the guidelines suggested by the World Health Organisation to keep us all safe during this global pandemic. At the same time, it keeps them busy and productive while you are confined to their home, and then in a couple of months they will fly over to complete the course and do their pracs.

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