Why do your TEFL course in Siem Reap?

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Destination TEFL. Why the name? We believe that the locations for not only our courses, but also our job placements should be bucket list destinations. And they are.

There are just too many reasons as to why you should consider Siem Reap as your TEFL course destination to put in one blog post – so this will be the first in a series of reasons why.

TEFL course Cambodia

Rather than starting with the obvious reasons… such as the famous Angkor Wat Temples – a wonder of the world and UNESCO World Heritage Site (that needs a blog of its own), or the festive Pub Street, just minutes away from the training centre – we thought we’d start this blog series with the fantastic accommodation that is included in your TEFL course package.

Destination TEFL Siem Reap is located on the top floor of the Isirafu Hotel, and this is where you’ll stay while on the course.

Now we could tell you about the beautiful rooms – but we won’t, you can see them here.

We’d rather tell you about the quirky reasons that make Isirafu Hotel unique – the things that you won’t read on their website but that will make your stay special. After all, your TEFL experience is not JUST about our fantastic course, but it’s about the whole package. Just imagine the fun you’ll have while bonding with your classmates while lounging around the pool after class, or tucking into the delicious buffet breakfast which is included in your course and accommodation fees – a great way to start the day before heading up to class.

Isirafu hotel siem reap

Isifaru means ‘giraffe’ in Zulu. So why is a Zulu word the name of a hotel in Cambodia? Well, that would be because the owners (Johan and Willie) hail from South Africa, so expect true South African hospitality during your stay. You’ll notice a few South African (Saffa) trinkets about too.

Cambodia TEFL course

You’ll fall in love with the resident cats, Gangsta and Pari. They are both full of beans and character, and are the true owners of the hotel (well, we let them think so anyway – because who can argue with a cat, right?). They are always up for a cuddle or chin scratch, and if you can’t find your room keys – there’s a good chance that Gangsta stole them!

Best hotel siem reap

The name of the onsite restaurant is ‘Jou Ma’Se Kombuis’. Directly, this translates to ‘Your Mother’s Kitchen’ in Afrikaans, and yes, it does serve up wholesome, hearty meals like you’d expect from mama. But the South Africans reading this will appreciate the tongue-in-cheek double entendre reference and will feel right at home. The restaurant serves a mix of Khmer, South African and international dishes as well as lighter bar snacks if you’re just feeling a little peckish.

Isirafu hotel siem Reap

And heading up the kitchen with owner Johan is chef Sok Mao. He is a whizz in the kitchen and his claim to fame is that he was a contestant in ‘MasterChef Cambodia’ – see him boasting his MasterChef tattoo.

Well there you have it. Not only do you participate in a fantastic course headed up by our Trainer, Tina and operations director, Willie but you’ll be located in an amazing town (more on that in another blog) and staying in a stunning hotel full of quirk and charm. What more could you ask for?

For more info on our course, please email admissions@destinationtefl.com for an info pack. We look forward to welcoming you to Siem Reap!

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