Why do your TEFL course in Cambodia

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

· Cambodia is a country rich in culture and heritage. Destination TEFL’s training centre is only 6km away from the UNESCO world heritage site of Angkor Wat.

· Your living expenses are low in Cambodia in relation to the salary earned. You can get a decent apartment for between $150 and $300 a month, and a beer out is $1 – sometimes less!

· Don’t have a degree? No problem! Cambodia is the ONLY country in SE Asia where you can LEGALLY teach without a degree.

· Have a degree? Either stay on to teach in Cambodia and have the pick of jobs, or participate in one of our ‘see 2 countries’ programs – study in Cambodia, and teach in Thailand, Indonesia or Vietnam (after Covid-19 travel bans have been lifted to those countries)

· Friendly locals! As with most SE Asian countries, Khmer people are extremely welcoming and happy to show you their culture.

· A relatively simple visa process – compared to its neighbouring countries. Prior to Covid-19 the ‘ordinary’ visa was obtainable in 15 minutes on arrival. Now during the pandemic, you need to get this visa before coming over. NOT TO WORRY, Destination TEFL can provide paperwork that you will be studying and working. Should you not have a Cambodian Embassy in your home country – the documents can be couriered to an embassy in another country (we have contacts at these embassies and will advise on the process on sign up)

· Cambodia is Covid-19 safe! As of date of publication (29 August 2020) Cambodia has only had 273 cases of the virus and not a single death! It’s one of the safest places to be right now.

· Cambodia is centrally located in SE Asia, so it’s easy to travel to other countries (after travel bans are lifted) so it’s the ideal location as a base if you want to explore the region.

· Siem Reap is Cambodia’s second biggest city after the capital of Phnom Penh and is home to Destination TEFL Cambodia. Although it’s a city, it has many green areas such as the riverfront and the royal gardens and in just a few minutes on a tuk-tuk you are in farmlands and the countryside, and of course the expanse of Angkor Wat only a few kilometres away.

· Destination TEFL is located at the beautiful Isirafu Hotel, so you’ll be ideally situated only about 900m from the riverfront, and only a 15-20minute walk to Pub Street – where all the action happens.

· Cambodia is a foodie haven – from delicious Khmer food to an array of authentic international delights, due to the huge expat community meaning you’ll have Indian restaurants owned by Indians, Italian restaurants owned by Italians…

Our next onsite course in Siem Reap after been closed due to Covid-19 will be on 3rd October 2020. We are able to provide all the required paperwork in order to get the visa. Sure, travel is a little more complicated than prior to the pandemic – but it’s worth jumping through a few hoops to get to Cambodia and start your TEFL adventure! It’s not too late to salvage 2020 and make it a year to remember… for the right reasons!

If you would like to start your TEFL journey NOW but you are not yet ready to travel, why not consider our interactive live virtual course. The next one starts on 7 November. You’ll have the option to come over to Cambodia or Bali at a later date for additional practical training and job assistance.

Email admissions@destinationtefl.com for an info pack.

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