Whether you want to teach online or abroad, Destination TEFL has the perfect solution for you.

Updated: Mar 22

Are you not yet ready to travel abroad due to the pandemic?

Destination TEFL is pleased to announce that our VIRTUAL COURSES are back due to popular demand!

If you’d like to teach online, then doing a virtual course, rather than an online course is a great option, as it puts you in the shoes of your future students, so you can fully understand what they will be experiencing. Our virtual TEFL course includes a 20-hour module on ‘the mastery of online teaching’ and you’ll learn the techniques involved in teaching online, as well as many activities for both the virtual and onsite classroom. You will get an opportunity to teach REAL students in the virtual classroom!

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Perhaps you’d like to consider our HYBRID course. This offers the best of both worlds: Do the virtual course now, and begin teaching online. Then, when you are ready, add on module 2 which includes 2 weeks onsite in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This will upgrade your TEFL certificate from 120-hours to 140-hours, as well as additional accreditation. It will also give you practice in the real (not virtual) classroom, as you teach local Khmer students onsite. You’ll get to enjoy a cultural tour, fantastic onsite accommodation, breakfast and job placement assistance.

Our onsite courses in Siem Reap are up and running. Yes, you need to quarantine on arrival in Cambodia, but it’s worth it to start your teach abroad adventure. Full details of the visa and quarantine process will be sent on enquiry, and Destination TEFL is able to provide the paperwork for you to obtain a business visa to enter Cambodia, as general tourists are still not allowed entry.

Would you like to find out more about our virtual, hybrid or onsite courses? Not sure which is the right option for you? Worried about entry to Cambodia during the pandemic? Why not join our live info session to find out more, and let us guide you in making the right choice to start your TEFL adventure in 2021.

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