How can you travel to Cambodia during the pandemic?

Yes, it’s true that it’s not as easy as before Covid-19, however it’s possible and well worth the extra effort to start your TEFL adventure in Cambodia. Destination TEFL will provide you with all the paperwork to get a visa before arrival.

For courses held while quarantine on entry is still a requirement:

We are offering a US$500 quarantine subsidy for these courses, paid to you on arrival in Siem Reap.

This is a gesture of goodwill to offset a big portion of the quarantine costs on entering Cambodia. (Current quarantine costs: $2000 deposit on arrival - part of which will be reimbursed by the government depending on spend, after the quarantine – on average, most travellers get back approximately $500) Although tourists/general travellers are not yet permitted to enter Cambodia, you can enter with a pre-approved visa, and Destination TEFL can assist with this. All arrivals need to quarantine at selected government approved hotels in Phnom Penh on arrival for 14 days, and also require a negative Covid-19 test before flying as well as one on arrival. Full details to be provided on sign up.

Don’t worry, these hotels are of a high standard, with TV, wifi and 3 meals a day provided. See what some of our recent trainees have to say about their arrival to Cambodia and their quarantine experience:

More videos: Louis from South Africa , Joey from the States and Adrian also from the States