Life after the TEFL course

We caught up with Zaynah Khan to hear how life is treating her 18 months after completing her TEFL course.

Zahnah being appreciated as a teacher

"I graduated from my TEFL in May 2018, and immediately received a job offer from the International School of Samui (ISS) as a support teacher. The position began in August, but I was able to take part in the school’s summer camp, which enabled me to gain some more experience before starting my full-time role. Samui TEFL, who already had the contact and arranged the interview for me, made all this possible.

I stayed at ISS for a year and gained invaluable experience involving EAL and SEN students, before being offered a homeroom teacher job at Lamai International School where I am currently the Year 4 teacher. I feel as though my year in a support role where I was observing PGCE-qualified teachers everyday has influenced my teaching now, and supplemented the skills I had gained from my TEFL.

Living in Koh Samui is a dream, everyday after I finish work I am able to go to the beach and meet up with friends to eat delicious food, and I always travel widely during my holiday periods. As there are numerous international schools on the island, there are many other foreign teachers to meet, and I am part of a large social circle.

Many of my friends work in the same school as me. We are a very close-knit school comprising of around 60 students, where every teacher knows the names of their students, and vice versa. Support is always available, and having recently started my Post-Graduate Certificate in Education, this is greatly appreciated.

I would describe achieving my TEFL as one of the best things I have done, as it opened my eyes to the world of education and highlighted a career that I genuinely love as an option. Like many who wish to embark on their TEFL, I came from a corporate job where stress had become the norm and I had zero job satisfaction. Looking back to that time, I cannot believe how much my life differs now. Samui TEFL gave me the confidence to stand up in a classroom and be passionate about what I am advocating.

Teaching will now forever be a part of my life, and I would highly recommend anyone to apply to study TEFL. Whether it is to facilitate travel or just to satisfy curiosity, take that chance because you will not regret it."

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