Feedback from our virtual course trainees

Destination TEFL is successfully running virtual courses now during the pandemic. This is no boring, self-study online course, but is very interactive with both your trainer and your classmates. Being in the virtual classroom gives you a taste of what your students will feel when you teach online. There is a strong focus on HOW to teach online, with activities, classroom management and teaching techniques. You'll get a chance to do online lessons, we'll help you compile your intro video for teaching online and provide a full list of companies which hire online teachers. The course is intense, but will prepare you for both the online and onsite classroom.

There’s the option to turn the virtual course into a hybrid course and come over to Siem Reap or Bali at a later date for 2 weeks of onsite teacher practicums and job placement assistance.

We thought we’d share some feedback from our current virtual TEFL course trainees.

Have your expectations of the course been met?

"Before beginning this course I had expected a 3-week period of lectures and studying to become an ESL teacher in South East Asia. However, once I started it I quickly realised that this was a far more interactive and enjoyable course than I expected. We spend our class times not only learning some very interesting and helpful teaching techniques from the teachers, but we also spend a significant amount of time conversing with our fellow students and learning from each other. To me, the classes have proven to be very fun and effective teaching scenarios. The learning is fun and includes all of us students and is easy to follow as it is not solely a one-way street where the teacher is just handing out information. In terms of the way that we’ve been learning, I must say that this course has really exceeded my expectations.

Additionally, I also came into this course with a rather pessimistic view when it came to my summer holiday. I felt like it was going to be a boring 3 weeks where I would constantly dread the fact that I was indoors learning rather than enjoying my summer. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I found that instead of feeling dread, I actually thoroughly enjoyed coming to class as I became acquainted with such friendly people in my course. The teachers, the fellow students, and the occasional cat strolling across the teachers’ webcam are all very welcoming and have made this particular part of my summer quite the experience in itself. Just like with the content of the course, the enjoyment I get from the course has also far exceeded my expectations.” – Liam

What advice would you give a student considering the virtual course?

“One thing I really wished that had been stressed to me was the intensity of the class. I can understand why they would want to have a course be intense since a teaching job is going to require a lot of work. Many people I know who are teachers tell me their work is never done. I would tell a student taking the class to be sure they can only focus on the class during the three weeks they are taking it. I took on an editing job that I now regret taking because I really appreciate the teaching practice and would like to have be able to dedicate the entire time to just improving on things I want to get better at such as technology and planning. Granted the class is occurring over a short period of time, but I would say that during the class I’ve slept little and I have had to put other things in my life on hold. This is not necessarily a bad thing. However, it would be good for students to know that.

I would also advise a new student that it is ok to make mistakes and not know everything. Teaching ESL gets a bad rap but in reality, being a great ESL teacher takes a lot of hard work and commitment just like any other teaching profession. When I was in Ethiopia, people would often recruit me to teach English simply because of where I was from and what I looked like. Obviously, this has nothing to do with how effective a teacher you will be. I think this gives the impression that it is easy but being really good at any skill takes hours and hours of practice and a willingness to continue learning. I feel like I’ve already learned a lot through the class and I’ve learned the most by asking for help and getting feedback from other people.

I think if someone takes the course seriously and tries to improve on areas where they are not as strong they will get a lot out of the experience and have a basic foundation for a good start in ESL teaching.” – Eric

Have your expectations of the course been met?

"My expectations of the course have not only been met but also exceeded my expectations. I've learned a lot more than I could have ever imagined. 

From lesson planning to grammar and everything in between, I feel prepared to start this new chapter in my career. Not only career but also my life. Thank you all so much for all your guidance and teaching us what we needed to succeed." -- Marcos

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you." -- anonymous

Our next virtual course starts 8 August 2020. Email for more information.

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