Dear new Destination TEFL students,

I just recently completed my course of November 2020 at Destination TEFL. I want to start with sharing I am so happy I have this certification. You also will feel the joy when you have your certificate and know you completed the course. It will feel so fulfilling that you finished what you started and now you can go master what was taught to you by impacting children’s lives.

If there is anything, I can give you or some words of advice is keep the end in mind, have fun, and build a bond with your classmates. These other students who are taking the course have a common goal as you to finish. Also, to be able to teach students the fact that there is something in common it is in everyone’s best interest to work together to be able to bounce ideas off one another and be creative. These peers will be the ones you rely on a new little community.

Always communicate with others what you feel because they might be feeling the same way.

The first day of class everyone had mixed emotions and most the emotions were common nervous, happy, excited. So trust me you won’t be going through anything alone. Also enjoy the process it might be tiring but have fun through it all. Tina is an amazing teacher!!!!!!! I honestly can’t thank her enough not only did she teach us what the course has to offer but she really puts her heart into it. She is always willing to ask a question or help guide you in the right direction. She is also very sweet and amazing even when it has nothing to do with Destination TEFL. We are all human and always talking about work may be draining.

Also, our fellow president Willie may have a firmer exterior or may seem a bit more intimidating. His delivery may be very straight forward but he means well he is not going to sugar coat what must be worked on. Once you get to know him you will see his soft side and what a funny, fun and outgoing individual he is.

I am happy I was able to complete my course here. Not only did I make new friends in the course but everyone at Isirafu is amazing and will hold such a dear piece of my heart. Johan is always willing to help gather resources and here your ideas as well.

Remember you are never alone! Have fun!

Keep the end in mind!

May you enjoy your course and laugh while learning through the process.

Sincerely ,


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