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140 hour TEFL / TESOL Qualification

4 week in-class training in Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Siem Reap, Cambodia

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140 hour TEFL / TESOL Internationally recognised Qualification


Real teaching pracs in Cambodian schools and NGOs


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No need to think twice, best decision I have ever made. I also met the most amazing people while doing the course, made lifelong friends, and had so much fun. Trust me, the tutors know what they are talking about and the support is spot on. - EMALY

After a year of going back and forth deciding whether or not I should do a TEFL course, I finally took the 1st step and found Destination TEFL, Samui. This program not only gave me the right tools to teach but the confidence as well. - JOEL

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What will I learn on the TEFL / TESOL course?

The following areas/subjects are covered during your 4 weeks of TEFL / TESOL training at Destination TEFL / TESOL:

  • An introduction to South East Asian culture 

  • Teaching techniques

  • Teaching the four skills of language: speaking, listening, reading and writing

  • Planning a course for special purposes (such as for a business)

  • Grammar - brushing up yours as a teacher, and techniques to teach grammar

  • Phonics

  • Creating materials for lessons

  • Lesson planning

  • Suitable activities for the language classroom 

  • Discipline in the classroom

  • Building rapport with your students, including warmers and coolers in the classroom.

  • Classroom management, covering all aspects

  • Teaching one-to-one, as well as larger classes

  • Teaching vocabulary

  • Understanding problems for Asian learners (understanding the differences between their language and English) as well as for other key languages, such as Spanish and Russian.

  • Error correction techniques

  • Preparing your CV/resumé, and tips for the interview process

  • Teaching business English

  • Teaching practices and assignments:

  • You will have the opportunity to conduct several full lessons (teacher practices). 

  • Materials project


There is no final examination that determines your pass grade. Your final course result is determined by the combined marks of the assignments above, as well as on your participation and teamwork in class, attendance and behaviour.



Siem Reap, Cambodia


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