Majestic Cambodia

Cambodia – a land where ancient and modern worlds collide to create a unique destination. Tourism and development in Cambodia has exploded over the last two decades. The nation shares borders with Thailand and Lao on the West and the North, and Vietnam on the East and the Southeast as well as by the Gulf of Thailand. The mighty Mekong River dominates the landscape of Phnom Penh, and is the base of much of the recreational activities from boat trips to riverside restaurants. The river originates in mainland China, flows through Myanmar, Laos, Thailand before entering Cambodia.


Angkor Wat, a symbol on the Cambodian flag, is one of the most amazing attractions in South East Asia, and only five kilometres from Siem Reap – home to Destination TEFL. Although a relatively new discovery to the West, the ruins of Angkor were never really lost to the Khmers, who have used the monuments as religious sites throughout their history.

Siem Reap, just south of Angkor Wat, has blossomed from a relatively small backwater town into the fastest growing area in Cambodia. Siem Reap is a foodie haven, and has plenty of ‘non-ruin’ things to do.

Phnom Penh, the country’s capital, is where the majority of teaching jobs can be found. Here you’ll discover temples, markets and buzzing back streets. This bustling city fuses Cambodian, Chinese and French influences.

Cambodia is home to several islands, perhaps not as well-known neighbouring Thai islands, yet they have as much to offer – at a fraction of the price.


So why do your TEFL course in Cambodia?

  • Super friendly locals, who are eager to learn English

  • Great value for money, from food to transport, you can’t beat Cambodia

  • Rich culture and history

  • A foodie haven! From local Khmer food to Western delights, you’ll find endless options

  • Easy to get around – from using the ‘Grab taxi app’ to out of town bus trips, transportation is easy and cheap.

  • Cambodia is centrally located to visit other countries in SE Asia

  • It’s the only country where you can LEGALLY teach in SE Asia without a degree, and Destination TEFL has links to many schools to assist with job placement.

  • Low cost of living in relation to salary earned by teachers

  • Relatively easy visa and work permit process compared to other countries


Want to find out more about this amazing country?

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