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Once a year


This course is ideally suited to those who:

  • Only have 2 weeks free to do the course

  • Are on a budget and cannot afford the 4-week onsite course, but understand the benefits and importance of teacher practicum as well as -face-to-face training, which a fully online course does not offer.

What do we mean by ‘blended course’?

… in a nutshell, it’s a blend of an online course and an in-class course. The sections which are pure theory are completed online prior to attending the course. Thereafter, applicants will attend an intense 2 weeks of in-class training in Siem Reap, where the balance of the course will be taught by our trainers, lessons will be planned and trainees will put these lessons into practice at an English camp at a local NGO. The self-study theory will be tested during the in-class component.

Accommodation &

Daily breakfast

TEFL Certificate

Teacher Pracs

Job Placement



TEFL Certificate

140-hour in-class including accreditation by Asian College of Teachers and Canada TESOL

120-hour Blended TEFL course

6 to 8 pracs across all ages and levels

Teacher Pracs

One day summer camp with children (approx 4 hours teaching

Destination TEFL staff assist applicants in applying for jobs, arrange interviews for them.

Job Placement

Assistance only (classroom session explaining CVs and interviews, full list of schools, contacts and jobs groups provided. Applicants apply for jobs on their own.


  • All studies taught face-to-face - more in-depth
  • More teacher pracs, better prepared for teaching
  • 140-hour certificate incl. accreditation by ACT & TESOL Canada (140 hours is above the norm, so an advantage for employment, as is the additional accreditation
  • More affordable

  • An option for those who only have 2 weeks free (perhaps studying or taking time off work)

  • More expensive


  • Standard certification - no extras
  • Fewer teacher pracs, less prepared for the classroom
  • Only placement assistance - applicants job hunt on their own
  • Less time in Asia getting used to the culture, weather, etc before being on their own. less time to get over culture shock​

2 week blended course


4 weeks onsite TEFL course



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