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You’ve taken the first step in an adventure that will change your life, as well as those of others!

Teaching English as a foreign language is a rewarding experience, and a fulfilling way to discover other destinations and cultures. Studying and working abroad is also a great achievement that you can proudly list on your CV/resumé. We have options for both degree and non-degree holders. Cambodia is the ONLY country in SE Asia where you can LEGALLY teach without a bachelor’s degree, and so signing up to our ‘Course plus Placement’ package is an excellent choice.

Our history


Destination TEFL, Koh Samui opened in 2011 as Samui TEFL, on the beautiful tropical island of Koh Samui, Thailand. With expansion in mind, the natural progression was to open another training centre in Cambodia – a land where ancient and modern worlds collide to create a unique destination.


What next? Where else on the planet could compete with these beautiful locations? - BALI


So Destination TEFL, BALI is our latest venture! At any location you’ll find the same quality 140-hour TEFL / TESOL course with highly skilled and passionate trainers, and teacher practicum in local schools, businesses and NGOs.


Rest assured that you’ll be in great hands. All of our trainers are highly skilled and have years of experience in education. Our reputation speaks for us because we put our students first and truly have designed a course which not only enriches lives but also provides a life changing experience.


Come and start your journey with us!

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